Erotic Yoni Tantra Massage for Women Munich

Hello dear visitor,

I do private tantra massage for women for free.

I am an expert on Chakras, Spiritual Growth, Energy Healing & Orgasm for Women. I sometimes feel your energy blockages when you are sitting across from me. After 800 tantra massages and 12 of them with 2 women at the same time, I can say I have learned a lot. 🙂 You could almost say I have become a master.

I even have the ability to give orgasm without touch. I also had a video about it, but my ex-girlfriend understandably doesn’t want me to publish it. She is fully dressed and I only use my hands to direct her energy …

I have also given many women a G-spot orgasm.

Bring your female friend…

I have already done erotic tantra sessions with women who brought their girlfriends with them, some women their life partner and even with two sisters. It is a very special experience to get closer. The energies that are released are indescribable and very intense when there are three people involved in a session.

What happens in such a session …

All chakras are opened. Old energies released. It takes between 2 and 5 hours. I am an intuitive healer. That also means that every session is different depending on what I feel. I’ve just held some women gently. Opened the heart chakra to others and gave others incredible sexual experiences.

Why for free

First of all, I don’t want to reveal my private details. Since it is purely private and I have no financial interest, I don’t need an imprint & secondly, I am not financially dependent on the sessions. I am a highly spiritual person and highly sensitive and gifted to spoil women and to open the energies. At the same time as a private massage, I can be picky about who I let into my energy field.

My Whatsapp: +4917643838248

who am I

In October 2015 I had a spiritual awakening. In 2020 I realized that love is and everything is love. The real reason for our incarnation is to realize you are love. You experience resistance to learn to come back to yourself …

I look forward to you or you and to fulfill your fantasies and to bring you an unforgettable erotic but also spiritual experience.

Can more happen?

Yes, but that always depends on the energetic harmony, whether it is given or not and whether it feels right at the moment.